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It’s possible to have chronic foot pain, even if you’ve never had an injury. This type of pain is often caused by nerve abnormalities, called a neuroma. After you become a patient of expert board-certified podiatrist Daniel Bell, DPM, PA, you’ll be on your way to getting relief from a neuroma. His practice, Daniel Bell DPM Foot and Ankle Institute, is located in Plantation and Pembroke Pines, Florida. When you call or schedule your appointment online, let the team know which office is more convenient for you. Both locations gladly accept new patients with neuroma pain.

Neuroma Q & A

What does a neuroma feel like?

A neuroma, sometimes called a nerve tumor or a pinched nerve, is a benign growth filled with nerve tissue. Usually, you get them between your third and fourth toes. When you have a neuroma, it’ll probably feel like you’re walking around with a pebble in your shoe. But rather than an annoying discomfort, the neuroma causes severe pain. You may also notice:

  • Burning
  • Tingling
  • Numbness
  • Swelling
  • Shooting pain

These sensations can occur in your toes, as well as in the ball of your foot.

Who gets a neuroma?

Usually women have a higher chance of developing a neuroma, although they can certainly occur in anyone. You can have a neuroma that’s caused by:

  • Trauma or repeated stress
  • High arches
  • Flat feet or fallen arches
  • Tight-fitting shoes
  • Shoes with heels over two inches

Is neuroma treatable?

Yes. Dr. Bell will likely get you started with custom orthotics or inserts that can relieve pressure on your neuroma. He can also suggest footwear and give you tips for preventing neuroma pain. You may even benefit by getting steroid injections in your foot for pain relief.

If your neuroma limits your ability to work, exercise, or enjoy activities, you might need surgery. One surgical option is a decompression surgery. This procedure allows Dr. Bell to remove small amounts of ligament that secure the front part of your foot. The end result is dramatic pain relief.

Sometimes Dr. Bell has to remove the nerve altogether. Nerve removal is always the absolute last resort. Though you’ll certainly have pain relief after this type of procedure, some patients have permanent numbness. If you’re living in chronic severe pain though, the possibility of long-lasting numbness is sometimes an improvement.

Can I prevent a neuroma?

Sometimes, depending on the cause. Dr. Bell can walk you through certain steps you should take to prevent future neuroma pain. For instance, you should only exercise in shoes that have lots of wiggle room in the toes. This minimizes compression in the front part of your feet.

All of the shoes you wear should have plenty of padding at the front, to support the ball of your foot. For women, avoid wearing heels that are higher than two inches. And if you wear narrow or pointy shoes, don’t walk around in them for long periods of time.

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