Flat Feet Treatments

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Finding comfortable shoes is difficult when you have flat feet. Board-certified podiatrist Daniel Bell, DPM, PA of Daniel Bell DPM Foot and Ankle Institute, understands your frustration. His modern Plantation and Pembroke Pines, Florida offices open their doors to all men and women who live with flat feet. Dr. Bell specializes in helping you resolve pain and discomfort caused by fallen arches. His team offers flexible scheduling when you call the office or book an appointment online.

Flat Feet Q & A

What causes flat feet?

Flat feet, also known as fallen arches, can happen for a variety of reasons. You might have flat feet because of:

  • Genetics
  • Nerve abnormalities
  • Fractured or broken bones
  • Damaged tendons or ligaments
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Obesity or weight fluctuations
  • Diabetes
  • Older age
  • Pregnancy

Does having flat feet cause pain?

Sometimes. However, some patients who have flat feet don’t have any problems and don’t require treatment. If your flat feet are bothering you, it’s possible to also experience:

  • Chronic tired feet
  • Severe pain in your arches or heels
  • Difficulty standing on your toes
  • Pain in your lower back and legs
  • Swollen feet and ankles

Before heading in for your appointment with Dr. Bell, make a note of your symptoms. Write down what time of day they occur, and what (if anything) improves your issues. This helps Dr. Bell find a solution that works well for your fallen arches.

Can I get treatment for flat feet?

Yes. Treatments for flat feet often start with allowing your feet to heal. This can include rest, ice, and elevation, in addition to getting medications injected or taking pain relief medications — if suggested by Dr. Bell. During your appointment, Dr. Bell teaches you exercises that are designed to stretch and strengthen your feet. This might involve working with a physical therapist, too.

Aside from exercises, sometimes flat feet can be corrected by wearing orthotics. You shouldn’t start wearing over-the-counter inserts though — sometimes these one-size-fits-all orthotics make things worse. Instead, Dr. Bell can design custom orthotics, which are tailored to support your feet and your feet only.  

Will I need surgery to fix flat feet?

Possibly, but only in severe cases. Dr. Bell might need to perform surgery if you have a torn or severely damaged tendon that needs to be repaired. You may also be a candidate for surgery if you have problems with bones in your midfoot that need to be corrected, have bones fused together, or have your bones grafted to form an arch. Usually though, Dr. Bell tries nonsurgical treatment options before suggesting surgery to fix flat feet.